III. Valuations / Fairness Opinions

A company assessment is the estimation, based on objective criteria, of its potential market value or the value of its assets.

The notion of fair value as requested by the IFRS accounting standards has increased the need for companies to carry out asset and liability valuations in order to help managers justify their decisions.
As a result and in its capacity of counsel, Abergel & Associés' task is to help companies implement the appropriate valuation methods.

Abergel & Associés is also frequently called upon in the framework of market or private transactions. The firm conducts its activities in all business-related sectors as well as in the valuation of business subsidiaries or isolated assets when such assets are due to be transferred or subject to internal reorganisation transactions.

Abergel & Associés' teams are experienced in a great number of complex valuation methods. They have the expertise and the know how to implement multiple criteria methods.