VI. Mergers & Contributions

A contribution or merger auditing undertaking is a legal assignment that is carried out within the framework of a contribution, merger or demerger transaction involving the share capital of a company.
Its purpose is to protect the interests of the shareholders and managers of the company by ensuring that the companies comply with the legal rules and regulations that are applicable to the transaction.

A contribution auditor determines the value of the contributions while making sure that the value of such contribution is not overestimated and checks as well the existence of any specific benefits which could be a component of such transactions.
A merger auditor controls that the relative value of the company stock which is part of the transaction is properly valuated and that the exchange ratio is fair for the parties involved.
The opinions that are issued on the matter may have considerable repercussions due to the significant resources that may be involved.

The partners of the firm are often appointed by the commercial courts as appointed contribution or merger auditors when a company undergoes a contribution, merger or demerger process.

Abergel & Associés can be proud of its strong involvement in this area of activity and can count on its teams to work on major international cases as well as complex assignments, involving the reorganisation of companies listed on the stock exchange, which have been handled by the firm for many years.